If a case is serious enough to warrant the use of an investigator, it also warrants using one with a proven track record. We've been in business since 1981. Many of our clients have worked with the same investigators for over thirty five years. Missouri first required licensing of private investigators in 2010. Two years later, 349 agency employees were sent renewal applications by the Missouri Board of Private Investigators. Of that number, 190 employees renewed for a turnover rate of 54%. Your case deserves an experienced investigator not a revolving door.

For those in the insurance industry, you've seen our performance for many years. I would encourage you to review the publication section of our website. Many of the articles focus on suspected fraud and pre-trial preparation. These have been published in PI Magazine, The Investigative News, Claims Education and in our newsletters. They are based on our principal's investigative career which started in 1974. The articles cover forty four years of upping the odds of success while staying legally inbounds.

Between 2015 and 2017 at least three lawsuits were filed in the St. Louis bi-state area. All involved flat rate worker's compensation surveillance some which were flawed from the start. You can't research records if you don't know they exist. You can't properly prepare for work in the field if there is no budget to do so. You need enough financial leeway to retain experienced people. In each lawsuit, the clients of the investigative agencies were also named as defendants. The investigators conduct rose to the level where the courts were going to allow punitive damages. Two cases settled while the third had a jury verdict with a high low settlement already in place. Our principal was the expert witness on the case that went to a jury.

This was followed up by him being an expert witness twice in 2016. Those two cases involved flawed background investigations. The lack of proper screening had devastating consequences. You hire an investigator to solve a problem not to create another.

If you are a business owner, we know the headaches you can't control. Proper screening of job applicants is something you can. It is a lot easier to avoid a problem than to solve one. It is also a lot cheaper. Litigation over employee misconduct is rising along with workplace violence. Pre-employment screening offers the best benefit to cost ratio of any investigation. We've shared many of same experiences you've had in running a business. Look over the services section of this website and see where we can help increase your bottom line.

For those in the legal profession you too have had decades of seeing our work product. Our lectures have been accepted by multiple law firms as part of their continuing education requirements. Our agency is licensed in Missouri and Illinois should you case need work on either side of the river.

For the general public we are now in our fourth decade of problem solving. After you have reviewed this website, Google search our name. You need to make certain that hiring an investigator will help solve, avoid or mitigate a problem. Sometimes it won't. Have the statute of limitations run, is what you want legal, is it admissible or will it make a real difference in the courtroom? All these factors and more must be considered before spending money on an investigator.

If you are in the legal, insurance or a business community, we are available in the St. Louis area as a guest speaker at no charge. Subject matter and time can be structured to your specific needs. These are not infomercials. The presentations are designed to increase investigative effectiveness and call out those practices traveling in the wrong direction.

Our writings, speaking engagements, website, radio presentations and work product make an open statement of our experience, business practices and results. Attorney Steve Sexauer, now retired, said something to me during my first year in business which I never forgot. It was “Ron, if it were easy, I wouldn't need to call you”. Clients have been calling since 1981.